Food + Travel Experiences – Balinese style Gourmet


Food + Travel Experiences –  Balinese style Gourmet

Many would hear of the beautiful beaches in this great hideaway, Bali. However, Bali has more to offer than just these relaxing spots. Here, Phoebe shares with us her food hunting experience and her amazing discoveries that one should not miss when travelling in Bali.

PhoebeThe Traveller: Phoebe Fong
From: Singaporean
Where:  Bali, Indonesia


Phoebe, I know that you have travelled to many places! Where are you going to share with us about?

Bali, a pretty popular destination amongst Singaporeans..!


Well, in this popular destination, what are some of the must-eats you would recommend to other travellers?

BaliRoadside durians
I’m honestly not a huge fan of durians much to the chagrin of the durian loving family members but in Bali where most of their fruits are sold by the roadside, the guide egged us on to try Balinese durians. Certainly lighter than the famed Mao Shan Wang or D24, the pungent smell does not linger but still retains the lovely creamy finish! It goes for approximately IDR 25,000 each. Standing by the roadside with cars and trucks whizzing past you and tucking into durians, it’ll be a memory to remember for a long time!

Salat – Snakeskin fruit
These have higher water content than those eaten locally and crunchier.

Babi Guling – The famed Ibu Oka!
I would recommend trying it since their suckling pig is miles and continents apart from the suckling pig we’re familiar with. The Balinese highly recommend this and are highly proud of their unofficial national dish. Think crispy skin with meats and other parts of the pig for instance, the blood sausages and fried innards! I say give it a go for that one experience!

Crispy Duck – Yet another famous one at Bebek Bengil
The thing about this is that it is quite my definition of the perfect duck confit.

Naughty Nuri’s Ribs
This is totally not Balinese for sure but they serve up one of the best ribs that I’ve ever eaten…EVER! More so than Tony Roma’s! They are ribs with a bite instead of the usual “fall of bone” type.


That’s a lot of goodies in Bali! How much does it cost for a decent meal?

It ranges from SGD 50 for 4pax to more. But of course, the roadside hawkers are a lot cheaper (eat at your own risk!)


The Ribs!What about recommending some delicious snacks that we can bring back for families and friends?

Definitely, the crackers which accompany most of their dishes are something not to be missed! These are widely available in department stores or in their markets. Some eateries (i.e Ibu Oka) sells them in packets.

Or you can also bring home some of their cassava chips which they have in a mind boggling range of brands.


Anything particular about Balinese food culture you noticed whilst there?

Rice is a huge staple of their meals, you practically see rice in all their meals. A great pity I didn’t get to eat the nasi campur or their fast food rice dishes!


Are there any other tips or advice that you will like to share with us?

Go with an open heart and mind, you’d be surprised with what you can find!

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